A country of contrasts

As I look out over the shimmering fjord flanked by emerald green pine forests climbing up the foot of the mountain, it’s hard to believe just 40 minutes before I was in the bustling but small city of Stavanger.

The sounds of city life, albeit fairly tame, replaced with the gentle sound of nothing but nature; the quaint, cobblestoned streets for a stunning skyline pierced by the jutting snow-capped mountains.

That morning, I’d ditched my heels and tugged on my hiking boots, determined to take on the three hour climb to Norway’s famed Pulpit Rock.

I’m far from a seasoned hiker, and armed with not much more than a hang over – thanks to a night spent exploring Stavanger’s swanky and very, very expensive bars – and an umbrella in case it rained (so unseasoned I don’t even own a waterproof coat), I set off on the climb.

My crippling fear of heights proved a problem in places but after clambering over a hill of giant boulders, braving perilous ledges and standing in awe of the breath-taking views below of clear waters interrupted by heather-coloured hills and islands so far away they could be mistaken for whales swimming in the sea, we reached our destination.

Towering 1,982ft above the waters of the Lysefjorden, Pulpit Rock is a terrifying cliff, topped by an 82ft plateau. Paralysed by fear, I failed to get anywhere near the edge but was able to appreciate its fatal beauty from afar.

A few hours later, as we neared the end of our climb, I looked forward to a shower and quick snooze before glamming it up in a top notch restaurant for tea unaware that tomorrow, just 20 minutes in the other direction, I would be looking out over a clear blue sky and turquoise sea lapping on the white sands at Solastranden.

Norway is a country that definitely has it all. http://flic.kr/s/aHsjxWngTB


23 thoughts on “A country of contrasts

    • It was pretty incredible!

      I hoped if you clicked on them, they’d enlarge. I’m pretty new to this whole blogging malarkey so am still finding my feet. Will try and figure out a way to do that.


      • Yeyah! Great Job! It does look more presentable.

        My word! The cliff and the mountains. Me so jealous. I haven’t been in a cliff like those.

        Oh hey Anrew Petcher 😀

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