San Fran’s famous fog

Wrapped in a cool but quirky blanket of fog, there’s only one place you can be. San Francisco.

Whether stood on the stretched arm of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, sailing on the bay’s sapphire waters, strolling along Ocean beach or walking through Union Square, the fog’s icy tentacles are never far away.

Here are a few photos I took of the famous fog settling on the city.

The fog adds a bit of mystery to the woods near Ocean beach

The clear views of Ocean beach hidden under the fog

Fog hangs over the city

Yachts ignore the fog looming above

The Golden Gate Bridge is swamped by the fog

Golden Gate Bridge disappears under the fog

A cyclist ignores the fog


13 thoughts on “San Fran’s famous fog

  1. Your pictures are a wonder to behold! I get really happy when I come across people who are willing to “up sticks” and choose another way of life. I’ll be following you adventures in Cambodia.

  2. On this, my first visit, first of all thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to tell me you liked my new post. I’ve had time for a look at only a few of your latest posts, and send my compliments on your eye for perspective and composition. I’m looking forward to a deeper excursion!

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