When the beach was my garden

How laid back life can be when the beach is your garden.

After a few weeks spent exploring Cambodia, the relaxing allure of Thailand’s beaches was too much.

And with a 13 hour journey involving god knows how many modes of transport, endless queues at customs and too many bus transfers to count out of the way, the thought of the waiting beach was a welcome break from the adventure that took in more confusion and chaos than a rabid Tasmanian Devil.

With our final destination in sight the prospect of being able to lie flat on a bed was almost too much as we boarded the ferry from Trat for the final leg of our journey.

Perfectly timed, we managed to catch the last boat to ferry passengers to Koh Chang and enjoyed a relaxing beer as we watched the sky transform into an artist’s palette of colour, mixing oranges, yellows, purples and reds as the sun melted into the horizon.

With Koh Chang plunged into darkness by the time we moored, we were herded into a songthaew and treated to a journey that by far beats the most terrifying rollercoaster ride I’ve been on as we hurtled round sharp bends and raced down the vertical drops that make up the island’s death-defying roads.

While beach huts may not offer all of the comforts and mod-cons other more upmarket and impersonal hotels up the road boast, there’s nothing more soothing than falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore outside under clear, star-speckled skies.

Here, Mother Nature’s rhythms lull you to sleep as the hush of the sea pulling away from the shore is seamlessly followed by the crash and pull of waves as they land on the beach before retreating into the endless expanse of sea.

When we woke up the next day, we were treated to what this magnificent island had been keeping secret under the blanket of night.

Clear blue skies meet equally crystal clear waters that gently lap the glistening golden sands stretching for as a far as the eye can see. Behind tower the jagged mountains covered in luscious green jungles that make up the majority of the island.

A handful of sun worshippers seek solace from the mounting morning heat under the lazy coconut trees that provide temporary shadow until the clock strikes noon and the sun really begins to pound.

While Lonely Beach can’t really be classed as lonely nowadays with handfuls of hippies and backbackers hanging out on its shores, it certainly provides the perfect paradise for the beach to become your garden.


13 thoughts on “When the beach was my garden

  1. Beautiful photos…I lived by the beach when I was in Sydney and it was heavenly! Living in a city now…not so heavenly! haha

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