The Sun

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

There’s nothing I love more than watching the sun rise and set.

Whenever I’m lucky enough to witness either of Mother Nature’s magnificent gifts unravel before me, I take a little time to reflect.

Koh Chang, Thailand

There’s something soothing about being slowly stirred out of the dark by the sun waking from her slumber.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

For a few minutes, her delicate rays fumble aimlessly in the dark until they find their bearings and erupt in a storm of colour.

Kerala, India

There’s something spiritual about watching the dawn of a new day and knowing that once the burning sky has settled, there’s a blank canvas of blue, grey or white waiting to be filled by the unknown path ahead.


Watching the sun melt into the horizon leaving behind a cascade of colour is as equally magestic.

Koh Chang, Thailand

With her last breath she steals the last glimmer of light, plunging the world into a cloak of dark.

Koh Chang, Thailand

And the one thing that’s great about the dawn and dusk of every day is it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’s always beautifully breath-taking.

Kerala, India

Newcastle, UK

Palolem, India

Fort Kochin, India



18 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. I love your sunrise photos. Every sunrise is unique, every sunrise photo unique. Some are more spectacular than others, but all are about light, color, fresh beginning.

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