The relentless rain

It didn’t rain yesterday, but that’s not for lack of trying.

The blue sky lasted for a few hours before being replaced by the familiar menacing grey that has become a permanent fixture in Britain over the last few weeks.

But no matter how hard the clouds tried, for the first time in weeks the insatiable sponge had been wrung dry and was incapable of squeezing even a drop of water out of the sky.

It felt like more of a miracle than if I’d peeked out of my curtains to find exotic animals being led two-by-two to a wooden arc by a strange bearded man.

This morning, though, it was back to business.

Before the sun had time to soak up a fraction of the grimy pools of water that sit helplessly in my garden it was there taunting me and I woke to the sound of rain hammering on my roof, dancing on the window panes.

Angry at being suppressed for a day, it stamped its feet hard, throwing a temper tantrum on the ground to remind us that it’s here, and it’s here to stay.

I’m used to rain, I live in Britain for God’s sake, but this has been relentless.

For weeks it’s haunted us, made us prisoners in our own homes, staved off the start of summer that us Brits spend the long winter yearning for.

Teased by a week of splendid sun in March, we were tricked into thinking THIS was going to be the year that we enjoyed months of basking in the sweltering heat.

Panic ensued. Hose-pipe bans were mooted and scare-mongering headlines of droughts and photos of shrivelled lakes were plastered across newspapers.

And then came the rain, punishing us for daring to think that summer had come early.

As I type, the rain has given us a slight reprieve but judging by the blanket of black, it’s only pausing briefly to gather energy before unleashing its never-ending wrath again.

Tomorrow’s a new day and I just hope it brings with it clear blue skies.


12 thoughts on “The relentless rain

  1. Lovely write Up! Loved the beauty in which you described the weather! Here in Bangalore, India, seems like the super heated days of summer is all over, and the rains are already in, Showering almost everyday! Its about 16:45 right now here, and its as dark as the sun has already finished its shift!! 😀

  2. We too (in Ontario) had a summer-like spell in March – HIGHly unusual to say the least, we had July temperatures. Then back to cool, then cold, then snow – it has to the longest spring on record! But we have not had the day after day of depressing rain you seem to be getting. Everybody must be suffering from lack of sun!

  3. Universal topic, and great post. Once again eastern Australia had a wet Summer & the whole of Australia topsy turvy weather. Now it’s looking to be the driest May in 70 years if it doesn’t rain in the next 3 days. I think I’d enjoy the vagaries of the weather more if it didn’t matter to me so much that my holidays & weekends are nice.

  4. You write a lyrical tail, I enjoyed your story. My dear aunt Kathleen just returned from the UK and did relay of the woeful weather, but after reading your post I do beleive you’ve painted the picture in fine detail.

  5. love a good cloud photo 🙂 i really like your writing style
    the rain here (Melbourne, Australia) has been coming down quite heavy as well .. it’s horrible 😦

  6. Funny how rain makes you feel differently following where you are and how long it taunts you… I used to not like it at all and dread any day that wasn’t sunny (well, yeah, I used to live in the south of France, wasn’t used to a non-sunny day! 😉 – and now, I live in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, where right now, I’m happier if it rains because the heat and humidity are so powerful you can’t move… not too much, though, I like the sun better!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, like your style and your pictures are always amazing…

    • I think you can say the same for us South Asians. We love the rain when it comes finally in the Monsoon season, since we have sweated through the rest of the year.
      I remember as children we used to love going to the beach on a cloudy/rainy day, since it would feel to hot otherwise. Even after years in the US, I never stopped feeling that way.
      I think it was finally Switzerland that converted me, when there were weeks on end without even a glimpse of the sun. That depressed me like hell. Although I still loved summer rains over there.
      I think UK, however, is an extreme, since my British clients would be amazed at how warm and sunny Switzerland was in the summer whenever they came over for meetings.

      • yeah… you end up liking rain… it puts you in a poetic mood… As long as it’s not forever… after a while it gets me in a melancolic state which I don’t really appreciate. Traveling is an eye-opener, and you end up liking things you didn’t think you ever would like.

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