A little bit about me

I’m a travel junkie and lover of words and pictures. If I can combine all three then I’m in my own mini-heaven.

I’ve spent the last eight years working as a journalist in the UK on newspapers and have enjoyed delving into the wonderfully diverse and equally bizarre lives of the people that make England the intriguing country she is.

But the world’s a lot bigger than Britain and after growing itchy feet, in October I packed up my things and headed to Cambodia to follow my dream and work as a freelance journalist in South East Asia.

To find out more about my professional services, visit www.marissabr.com


74 thoughts on “A little bit about me

    • That’s great, thanks.

      The sunrises were amazing. One morning we got up to go and see the sunrise over Angkor Wat, which was breath-taking.

      I’ll post some pix when I get round to it.

  1. Thanks for stopping by. As for taking the plunge… I’m excited for you. We often miss out on adventures that will reward us with true joy because we find value in things and not a life free of clutter. We fear being without when being with, ties us down to mundane lives and jobs. Go live your lives as you and hubby visualize because our time here is too short. Enjoy!

  2. This sounds a rather excellent adventure
    that will take you into a new and exciting
    world of fun and enjoyment…

    I wish you well in your quest 🙂

    Have a delightfully sweet rest of evening…


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m loving your pictures and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! I’m working my way around the world too, so maybe we’ll have stories to share. 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats to you for chasing your dream. Your move to Cambodia sounds really interesting. What are you going to do there? I’m looking forward to seeing / reading more about it.

  5. Thanks for like-ing my blog
    Enjoy the moment, squeeze it
    Smell the flowers and try different food
    life is short and we usually worry about the wrong things
    Please check out my painting’s blog ( my passion)

  6. My determination to change comes with retirement. Rather than make a move, which I am sure we will eventually, we chose to travel for 6 months, round Australia and New Zealand. I’m loving writing a blog Marionretires, to record my experiences.
    Thanks for liking my post of the White Island Volcano. It was adventures like this that make me so grateful that we are reassessing our lives. Good luck with your decisions. May they bring everything you wish for.

  7. How exciting that you’ll soon be moving to Cambodia! The landscapes there are so enchanting and the people are warm and kind. During our sabbatical travels in Asia these past months, my husband and I have considered doing the same. Thank you for following my blog – it’s been a pleasure discovering yours as a result! 🙂 Safe travels!

  8. Wow! I admire your choice. When my wife and I were first married we considered moving to Australia. They were looking for professional people and were wiling to help with expenses. We didn’t go. I often wish we had.

    thanks for stopping at my blog.

    Good luck on your new life in Cambodia.

  9. Good luck with planning your move, while the process itself may not be so much fun, I hope and trust the outcome will be wonderful for you! Thanks for checking out my blog, will be back on yours to see how you are progressing.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! You’re going to be in Camboda?! We are going to Laos for two years later ths year, practically neighbors. Btw, I just wrote about making a huge life change ten years ago and how it was the best decision of my life. Best of luck chasing your dreams!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I got excited as soon as I saw your header… I lived in Siem Reap in Cambodia in 2006, and although I was only there for a short time it’s definitely one of the best things I ever did! I absolutely loved the country. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay, and I’ve still not been back, but it’s the top of our list for a holiday! I hear it’s changed a lot but would still love to go back. Good luck and have fun in your Cambodian adventures 🙂

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  13. Wow, I wish you all the best on your adventure and hope that all your dreams come true! I am a South African who was living in London and have come to spend a few months in Bali before exploring more of Africa. I totally understand how the western world can drain you. There are so many benefits to living in a country in the first world, but the third world just seems to have so much more vitality! I missed the buzz and hustle and bustle, and most of all the people of these amazing ‘undeveloped’ places!

  14. Hi there, thanks for liking my latest post. I really appreciate it!
    I just looked through your latest gallery – amazing photos you have there.
    And making the move to Cambodia from London is incredibly brave, kudos to you !!

  15. Thanks for liking my blog. Make the move….you can always go back. Several years ago met an amazing Irishman and we have spent the last 3 years splitting our time between Ireland and South Florida, as well as travelling. I refer to both places as home and have never regretted the decision. Good luck and keep writing!

  16. Hi! I nominated you for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award. I was moved to do so because I am delighted whenever I see an email from you in my in-box. You can read about the award at http://elladeewords.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/a-community-garden-and-abc-awards/ .
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  17. I am very passionate about those three that you’ve mentioned above. Include food to the equation and I can join you in that heaven. 🙂

  18. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and hit the like button on my post! It makes my day every time someone hits that button, especially when it leads to an interesting blog. Thanks again!

  19. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I’ll be checking in to see how your heavenly trip is going between following my own dream to shoot in what has to be a hauntingly exotic place – Manila! 🙂 Keep shooting!

  20. Explore away! I share your sentiment about exploring the world!!! 🙂 In the meantime, thanks for stopping by our blog and liking our post on Keukenhof’s Flower Power 🙂 Cheers!

  21. Hi there-as well as Poppyposts I write a Blog about my travels in Iran which may interest you. Persian Posts. My husband is Iranian and we have a house near Esfahan, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Take a look. C 🙂

  22. Wanna trade places? I would LOVE to live in England! Come live in the US for a while. Believe me there’s PLENTY of “interesting” people, places and things to do and write about!
    (PS-I suppose Jeremy Clarkson is no stranger to you)

  23. I also share your 3 loves (travel, words and pictures) – We are opening a roaming business on wheels here in the US that will allow me to concentrate on these 3 things. So happy to find your blog!

  24. Thanks for stopping by my page. Your blog seems really interesting. As of now, i went through your stray dogs incident. Wonderfully described. Thanks.

  25. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking “Life is a Journey”. I’m so glad your visit brought me to your blog. It’s fabulous! I look forward to reading and seeing more. Good stuff!
    Please stop by my blog again soon!

  26. I was supposed to move across the world but during the months I was preparing for the big leap I fell in love and now… I’m chasing another dream
    Can’t wait to read more about yours 🙂

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